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Natural Wood

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Our Distinction Natural Wood Shutters

An impressive variety of natural, solid and durable timber shutters, sourced from sustainably managed hardwoods forests and plantations, with painted or stained finish options.

You will enjoy these benefits

  • 100% premium hardwood.
  • Luxurious, durable timber grains
  • Sustainably sourced from well managed hardwood forests and tree plantations
  • Invisible – easy tilt operation
  • Customising shaping to fit architectural designed windows
  • A wide range of paint and stain colours to choose from as below
  • Multiple hand sanding and finishing for the finest crafted furniture finish
  • The biggest panel size manufacturing capabilities in the marketplace

Available Colours

*Actual colours may differ from website display colours

Paint Colours
Stain Colours

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We encourage and offer a simple shutter qualifier check and price guide prior to a visit, particularly if you live out of the Wellington region.

This helps tick some boxes in terms of general product/fitting compatability and price indication in the first instance.   

Complete an easy three step process and enjoy our
self-starter 10% discount guarantee, should an order proceed.     

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

1. Measure

Measure the inside frame — width x drop in cm (approximate is fine at this stage).

2. Photograph

Upload clear frontal photo(s) of each window. Unobstructed by furnishings etc.

3. Email

Using this form send us your measurements, photos and comments.