Interior shutters are an appealing window cover treatment, considered widely to be the pinnacle of window treatment options.

They are manufactured from robust materials and deemed to be fine furniture articles and offer value enhancement to the home or commercial premises.

Interior shutters are not designed or expected to provide complete blockout like curtain fabric. Their primary objective is to provide efficient light, airflow and privacy, whether it be day or night.

The shutter louvers are used to control the light entering a room or open living space, and when access is required for opening or cleaning a window, the shutter panels can be swung open to near 180° degrees.  

Compared to other window treatment products, the robust and solid nature of interior shutters makes them notably heavier and when gravity combined with hinged panels, it is typical for minor dropping/sagging to occur when opened out from their closed position.

It is expected the panels will need to be lifted or assisted back into the window frame when closing back in, to support the panel and avoid potential damage/scraping to the panel and/or window framework.

To maintain best structural integrity, shutter panels should primarily be kept in their closed position. Essentially, the views and light filtering levels when the louvers are fully or even partly tilted open, is significant. Therefore, opening hinged panels is only necessary or essential for opening or cleaning windows.    

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