Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries are the wet areas of the home, typically attracting steam and moisture, due to their day-to-day appliance uses.

Choosing a practical window covering solution will involve the need to best manage privacy and ventilation, while also being practical to operate and look smart and décor friendly.   

Soft fabric products are not suitable with a high risk of mould and excessive blockout, preventing flexibility of use.

The Shutter Family’s eco-wood, waterproofed shutters are exactly that, – waterproof!  Easy to maintain in such wet areas. Simply wipe down with a clean cloth from surface moisture or smudges and marks.

You can adjust the louvers to suit your level of privacy or ventilation required. Flexible airflow ability is crucial, while enjoying the view out at the same time.

Free of toxic paint and coatings, The Shutters Family’s eco-wood, eco-friendly shutter products provide the perfect solution for the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry areas in a variety of seven modern colours. 

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